Baby Shower Invitations and Sketches

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Wedding Invitation

These are images I put together for a friend’s wedding invitation.

god Particle

god Particle

Juxtaposition of religion and science.  Sometimes it seems impossible that science and faith can peacefully coexist, but I really believe they are two different ways of looking at the same things.  Comparing descriptions of religious ideas and of the recently discovered ‘god particle’ or Higgs Boson, provided a clear example of this parallel.

Peptide Architect

Peptide Architect


I wrote a review article about gene therapy delivery vehicles that are functionalized with peptides that specifically bind to certain tissues for more localized disease treatments.  Most images that accompany scientific papers are pretty literal, so I wanted to create something a little more artistic.  The image depicts a scientist ‘designing’ a peptide that will bind well to a cell receptor.

Targeted Drug Delivery

Targeted Gene Delivery


This image was created to visualize the goals of my research project, which uses spherical vehicles composed of lipids (the yellow sphere) to carry DNA (the green compact helices) as gene therapy through the extracellular matrix (the white strands and purple molecules) directly to cancer cells (the blue membrane in the front), because the peptides attached to the liposome (the multicolored molecules) bind specifically to the integrins (red and yellow molecules on the cancer cell membrane) that are expressed in higher levels on cancer cells than normal tissue.

I hope you learned something 🙂